Siena is one of those cities where travelers go explore for a day when they are in the region. This is because it’s a smaller town with less to do than its neighbor Florence. During the Summer, it brings in many visitors when they host the famous Palio horserace that takes place in Piazza del… Read More Siena


Fiesole is home to gorgeous villas and ancient Roman ruins. It’s the perfect day trip from Florence, Italy. You can choose to stay for a few hours or all day since it isn’t a long train journey like some other cities. It’s a short drive (10-25 minutes) or a long walk (1-2 hours), however, I would… Read More Fiesole


I got the opportunity to take a tour from Florence to Pisa while I was studying abroad in Italy. I decided to share some photos and information that I think would be valuable to anyone who is planning a visit.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa (or Torre Pendente). This tower is so famous that for some… Read More Pisa