A Florence guide on what to eat, where to stay, and what to see from someone who lived there for three months.… Read More Florence



Fiesole is home to gorgeous villas and ancientย Roman ruins. It’s the perfect day trip from Florence, Italy. You can choose to stay for a few hours or all day since it isn’t a long train journey like some other cities. It’s a short drive (10-25 minutes) or a long walk (1-2 hours), however, I would… Read More Fiesole


When I think of Athens, I think of Greek Mythology. Which isn’t totally bizarre because hello?? Greece. Greek Mythology. Athena. Acropolis. It would be weird to not think about mythology while wandering through a city such as Athens. But what is bizarre is how I kinda geek out over the mythology. I love the Gods… Read More Athens


Kusadasi Ephesus, Virgin Mary, & Basilica of St. John One of the stops on the cruise was a city called Kusadasi. Unlike Istanbul, I had never heard of this city before but I’m so glad I got the opportunity to tour some of the amazing spots surrounding this city. It is one of the oldest… Read More Kusadasi