Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
McAbee Beach

The city of Monterey is a popular weekend getaway for those living in Northern California. However, the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium attracts visitors from all over. Possibly because it’s the best aquarium in the world! And I’ve heard this said by an oceanography professor, so it must be true.

Activities & Sightseeing

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is “your window to the wonders of the ocean.” There are so many cool exhibits that you could never be bored here. I’ve noticed the favorites among many visitors are the sea otter and jelly fish exhibits. The Kelp Forest is my personal favorite because I feel like I’m at the bottom of the ocean with all the sea creatures around me.

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell

This is the only aquarium I’ve been to twice and would go for a third time in a heartbeat. If you are in Monterey, you HAVE TO go to the aquarium. It would be a crime not to.

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Whale Watching

Something that I have yet to do in Monterey Bay, but is also very popular, is whale watching. A variety of whales swim through the Monterey Bay year round.

Peak seasons:

Humpbacks and blue whales are July and August

Gray whales are January and March

Killer whales are April-May and August-October

A lot of people are really into whale watching so I decided it’s important to include even if I haven’t done it here myself. My mothers friend actually goes whale watching in Monterey Bay every weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever loved something as much as she loves whale watching to be honest. But it must be spectacular to be spending the time and money to go every week.

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell

Dining & Shopping

After you’re done staring at aquatic animals for a few hours, you may want to grab something to eat. Perhaps some seafood?

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Halibut Fish & Chips and Clam Chowder

There are plenty of restaurants at Old Fisherman’s Wharf and on Cannery Row that have amazing seafood. If you want something that’s a bit upscale with great views of the bay, I would recommend The Fish Hopper.

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Coconut Shrimp and Fries

Something a bit more affordable but still popular is Bubba Gump Shrimp. It’s also right on the water with outdoor seating.

My friend highly recommends the clam chowder bread bowls from Old Fisherman’s Grotto. It’s a great restaurant to go to after whale watching since it’s right on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Troya Turkish Delights and Baklava on Cannery Row

If Cannery Row didn’t provide you with enough food and shopping, the Del Monte Shopping Center is a good place to go. It’s ideal if you are visiting from another country and want to shop in some popular American stores.


The hotel we stayed in was the Stage Coach Lodge. It was nicer than I was expecting for the price!

Monterey Bay - Ayla Boswell
Outdoor Pool!

→Very affordable rates

→The rooms were clean and well decorated.

→I loved that each door had a unique name that were places in the area. If guests aren’t sure what to see/do in Monterey Bay, they can walk down the hall looking at all the door!

→Another plus, it was a short drive from the main attractions!

I hope you enjoyed looking through my small list of things to do in Monterey Bay. Next week I’ll be sharing even more photos from some nearby towns. Can you guess what they are? 😉



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